Our Mission


Run4YourLife describes exactly what we believe:

Running as a regular activity significantly helps to enhance fitness, physical and mental health and ultimately greater potential fulfilment in life.

Fit and healthy people generally, enjoy and cope far better in their daily activities, their work or study, family life and relationships and can better achieve far more in their lives.

We were born to run: 

Children run naturally in play and for the sheer pleasure and excitement but as we grow older the need or desire to run diminishes and for many, even disappears. 

Running is the simplest activity to undertake and fundamental to most sports. Even F1 drivers run for fitness, so do rowers and sailors, footballers, cricketers, tennis players, boxers, and so on…

Running events are now more popular than ever but all are singular and stand alone. The London Marathon, The Great North Run, other big city marathons and a multitude of smaller events around the country…… but nothing on this scale and individual comparison across the Nation has ever been attempted before.

The All UK 10 Miles Challenge will be the first running event of its kind, where everyone taking part will be doing so at the same time over the same distance, and, even with some variations in gradient and weather conditions around the UK, the single loop of an exact 10 miles means that every participant can reasonably compare their time (and UK wide position) with the rest of the country’s participants.

Run4YourLife’s purpose is not just to stage an event twice a year but through our website and interactions through all running and athletics clubs and club Networks around the country, continuously update public interest with relevant news, and other events, throughout the UK.

Run4YourLife will all year round, with relevant articles and information, seek to encourage, inspire, educate and help enable people, including children U16 but particularly at 16 and over, to understand how carefully moderated, regular running on safe roads, in the countryside and parks including races and racing is hugely beneficial to their health, fitness, self-esteem, general enjoyment, social involvement and capacity to fully and happily live their lives.


Run4YourLife’s website will be interactive and will have all running and track and field clubs across the country’s own website links, including the very popular weekly Park Runs to enable anyone to find their local club and Park Runs to see what is on and what they have to offer. We will also show links for all other appropriate running, health and fitness websites and enable appropriate blogs, news and moderated forum participation.

Run4YourLife’s website will be continuously updated with relevant news and articles by various experts and contributors and of course include all 10 Miles Challenge event results and overall analysis, nation-wide, according to age, gender and area.

We are seeking the support of Sport England in helping setting up this this unique bi-annual nationwide All UK 10 Miles Challenge event and will seek to engage, through the Athletics Networks, the essential co-operation of the police and local town or county council; as for any existing running event on public roads.

Ambitious as it appear to be, each and every event will be organised by its own local dedicated Athletics Network team and have an identical format. 

50% of entry fees (currently proposed at £5 for U18, £10 for U20 and £15 for over 20) will generate must needed income for the local clubs and the other 50% will be for the overall cost of the event, including provision of the dedicated website, results system, timing chips, numbers and medals.

Run4Your Life will provide all numbers, tracking timing chips and link to the central dedicated results computer.

In actuality, each local event by itself although being far smaller in participants than any current annual one off mass event such as the London, Birmingham and Brighton marathons and the Great North Run, will be far easier logistically to organise because of individual event size and local organisation….. BUT, throughout the UK as the whole and with all local events starting simultaneously.

The All UK 10 Miles Challenge, it will be the biggest running event in the world and will potentially produce massively more participants running against each other, comparable in real time,  than all of the mass  marathons and half marathons events put together.

The All UK 10 Miles Challenge will be promoting regular, all year round running, on roads, cross country and even track events through local clubs as a health and lifestyle activity as well as “just” a sport.

Finally, our aim is to also establish a Trust to support the development of Running throughout the UK.