Local Organisers

There will only be one event in each County/Athletics Network area.


All applications  from any club, or group of clubs within the County successfully awarded the right to stage the event in their area will receive a comprehensive, Race Organisation and Management Manual, common for all throughout the UK and dealing with set up, measurement, safety, Police and Council permissions, and all aspects of staging a successful running event.


Clearly, any applicant club/groups will have to have good to considerable experience in staging their own local events. This will be paramount for acceptance by Run4YourLife to stage one of the All UK 10 Mile Challenge events. Remember, this event is planned to be held twice each year in the Autumn and Spring”


Other than providing volunteers for officiating and marshaling  there is no foreseen cost implication on all equipment provision, and of course the local running and athletics clubs involved will receive 50% of all entry fees to help their own local development of the sport.