We are proposing to organise a very exciting, motivating and unique nationwide Run4YourLife, All UK 10 Miles Challenge’ of an exactly measured 10 miles to take place in all 49 English Counties simultaneously on the first Sunday in May 2016, the Spring edition, first Sunday in September 2016, and first Sunday in May and September thereafter.

We plan also to include the counties of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and will contact their own specific local council “Sports Partnership” bodies.

It will be the biggest running event in the world and has the potential in the first edition to attract an entry of at least 100,000 and possibly up to 250,000. Eventually, after 3-4 years and as the public imagination takes hold, the event, assuming around 70 separate venues, could possibly see a total of 1,000,000 people running in the Spring and Autumn combined.

The event will be a single lap precisely measured, 10 miles run, starting and finishing in the same location, open to all over the age of 16 on the day of the race and categorised as U18, U20, U 30, U40, U50, U60, U70 and Super vets (over 70’s) men and women.

All participants in this nationwide run/race will be “chipped” for precise timing, position and category, locally and nationally.

The start everywhere will be at exactly 10am and everyone will be running against everyone else taking part in the UK at the same time.

All local results will be uploaded to our Central Results computer system, linked to the individual venues computers, to provide within the hour a national overall result in all categories with the individual Counties results, County against county comparison breakdown and comparative age group and gender demography breakdown.


The event will be competitive as far as those who wish to race but also social and fun, specifically to encourage the sport of running, fitness benefit and charity fund raising. The event will be disability friendly and open to all.

We plan to involve the local athletics clubs through the 59 local England Athletics “Athletics Networks” already in existence whose member clubs will have experience in organising individual stand-alone races and fun-runs as we see all over the country.

A standard format organisation manual will be provided once the “local team” has been established, together with the required police/local council permission for road closure and the necessary insurance and health and safety aspects.

The local organising clubs/Athletics Network, will benefit financially by receiving 50% of the entry fees from their own event participants.

Entry fees for all participants will be less than current road race entries for events numbering 1000-5000+ to help encourage as many as possible to run. It is envisaged at present as U18 £5, U20 £10, O20 £15.

The central results system will be handled by Rob Whittingham and his stats team. Rob is one of the world’s leading athletics statisticians and editor of ‘British Athletics’, the annually published statistical review for the sport compiled by the National Union of Track Statisticians. Rob also owns and produces the athletics stats, rankings and results website,

The proposed event is fully endorsed by the Association of British Athletics Clubs and the Association of Road Running Clubs