Run4YourLife Ltd. are proposing the ‘All UK 10 Miles ukblockChallenge’. An exactly measured 10 miles to take place in all 49 English Counties simultaneously on the first Sunday morning in May 2019 and the first Sunday morning in September 2019 and repeated each year thereafter.

We plan also to include the counties of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and will contact their own specific local council “Sports Partnership” bodies.

This will be the biggest running event in the world and has the potential in the first edition to attract an entry of at least 100,000 and possibly up to 250,000. Eventually, after 3-4 years and as the public imagination takes hold, the event, assuming around 70 separate venues, could possibly see a total of 1,000,000 people running in the Spring and Autumn combined.

The event will be a single lap precisely measured, 10 miles run, starting and finishing in the same location, open to all over the age of 16 on the day of the race and categorised as U18, U20, U 30, U40, U50, U60, U70 and Super vets (over 70’s) men and women. This will allow every participant not only to compare themselves overall in the UK but also their position overall in their own age group and of course gender.

All participants in this nationwide run/race will be “chipped” for precise timing, position and category, locally and nationally.

The start everywhere will be at exactly 10am and everyone will be running against everyone else taking part in the UK at the same time.

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The Great British Running Challenge will be the first running event of its kind, where everyone taking part will be doing so at the same time over the same distance, and, even with some variations in gradient and weather conditions around the UK, the single loop of an exact 10 miles means that every participant can reasonably compare their time (and UK wide position) with the rest of the country’s participants.

Run4YourLife’s purpose is not just to stage an event twice a year but through our website and interactions through all running and athletics clubs and club Networks around the country, continuously update public interest with relevant news, and other events, throughout the UK.

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